When your customers are in direct contact with your company, you want to know they are consistently treated with courtesy and professionalism.

You expect them to get prompt, expert service and to increase their loyalty to your brand. AnsweringServices.com will consistently perform to your expectations. With careful selection and training of staff you can rest assured that we understand your needs and will follow them to the “T”! Consistency is the key to success. We have your needs in mind as we design every aspect of our company. At AnsweringServices.com every call counts and every detail matters. When you partner with us your calls are managed and handled with professionalism and care.

We take our responsibility very seriously. Your customers’ and patients’ incoming calls need to be taken promptly and professionally at any time. We know how to carefully and skillfully handle medical related calls and messages. When you choose AnsweringServices.com we will exceed your expectations. Your calls will be promptly taken at any hour or day, whenever you need us. Our friendly and articulate live operators will take and place accurate messages for you and your staff.

All of our live operators are thoroughly trained and screened. We do not outsource. All of our operators and employees are based in the US. Additionally, we have the latest state-of-the art equipment, excellent customer care, and IT department to provide you with further support whenever you need it. Our facilities all have emergency backup systems in place. We can be up and running, especially when other companies have lost power and telecommunications capability. We are available whenever you need us, during overflow peak periods, part-time, full-time, after hours, 24/7 or even 365-days a year.

Being just an answering service is not good enough for AnsweringServices.com. We work hard to satisfy your communications outsourcing requirements and to provide you with the and price plan options that are best suited for your needs. We provide call reports and other documentation upon request. Live operators are carefully managed by a staff of supervisors so they can consistently provide you and your callers with the very best performance. Let us seamlessly cover all your calls. Thousands of businesses all across the USA have relied on us since 1969. We are proud to be a family owned business that has expanded on a national basis at a record breaking pace. We will treat your customers and patients as if they were our own and with the utmost care and respect. You can rely on us to take your important customers’ and patients’ valuable phone calls.